The Wine Stay is about elevating life. What does that mean? They want your vacation experience to be more than just a getaway. Living life in the moment. Embodying local wine country spirt - a leisurely place, indulging the senses, the good life. The Wine Stay wants you to experience a sense of beauty and adventure that will inspire you long after you return home.


Wine Stay brings over a decade of experience managing vacation rentals. And the standards are high: exceptional homes, perfectly maintained, and spotlessly clean. They understand what guests want and know how to get it right. Their vacation rental properties are top quality, from bath towels to kitchen cookware to hi-definition entertainment systems to outdoor living areas. Casual luxury in beautiful homes, well - cared for homes, and someone ready to help if you need it.


Check The Wine Stay out at their website for bookings, rentals, wine experiences, and much more.

  • Jeffrey P Means
    January 6, 2021 at 12:25 pm

    Our trip was scheduled for April of 2020. We had made reservations and paid in full over $8000 including an additional $1500 damage waiver that was to be refunded after our stay. Covid 19 restrictions and stay at home orders caused us to cancel our trip. Keep in mind it would have been against the law for us to travel to or stay at this location during this time. The Wine Stay is refusing to refund any of our money paid including the $1500 damage deposit. $9500. When offered a stay credit for the same house, the same week 1 year later the cost of the house is suddenly $2600 more to stay at then what is listed on their website currently.
    The Wine Stay may offer beautiful homes to stay at but they are horrible people who are using Covid 19 to turn a profit. Shameful.

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    • Jeffrey Means
      March 10, 2021 at 5:39 pm

      My above review still stands- I had our costs incorrect and wanted all of the information to be factual- our paid in full reservation amount was $5653.57 and with the not-refunded $1500 damage hold our total out-of-pocket is $7153.57. A year later it still stings.

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